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Joel Goldstein: SLU LAW's "Veep Virtuoso"

Professor Joel K. Goldstein is the man of the hour - every four years. He has been quoted in over 80 different publications and even interviewed by Katie Couric. He has had a lot to say about running mates for both presumptive candidates and the importance of the role of a vice president.


Clinic Students Find Justice for Their Clients in Post-Ferguson Cases

Rising 3Ls Katie Landfried and Mark Timmerman share their takeaways after successfully representing two defendants charged by the City of Ferguson with failure-to-comply during demonstrations.

Scott Hall Will Reopen Friday June 17

Power has been restored and the building is scheduled to reopen at 6 a.m.

Grassroots Health Law and Policy students help pass healthcare legislation in Missouri

Grace Flash and Dorothy Rodriguez were among the Grassroots Health Law and Policy students that helped pass meaningful healthcare legislation in Missouri.


SLU LAW in the news


Goldstein, Joel

Professor Joel Goldstein was quoted in an article by The Big New Network about Gov. Mike Pence's speech at the Republican National Convention

Goldstein, Joel

Professor Joel Goldstein was interviewed in articles by USA Today and The Indianapolis Star about the high stakes that come with Gov. Mike Pence's GOP convention speech

Goldstein, Joel

Professor Joel Goldstein wrote a piece in The Washington Post about the powerful and influential player the vice president has become in the White House

Ammann, John J.
Watson, Sidney D.

Professor Sidney Watson was interviewed in an article by Bloomberg BNA about the dependency further Medicaid expansion has on the 2016 election


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