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Episode 7: Understanding the Ferguson Consent Decree May 26, 2016
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Professor Brendan Roediger was interviewed by MSNBC about the Department of Justice's decision to clear Darren Wilson of civil rights violations March 16, 2015
Professor Hansford Joined PBS Newshour to Discuss Department of Justice Findings March 4, 2015
Professor John Ammann talked to KSDK about the release of the entire Department of Justice report regarding the shooting death of Mike Brown March 16, 2015
Professor Marcia McCormick was quoted in Fortune magazine for an article on the fight for LGBT workplace rights under the current administration. September 27, 2017
Professor Tim Greaney was interviewed in an article by Business Insider about the DOJ nearing its decision on health insurance mergers July 14, 2016
Professor Tim Greaney was quoted by Modern Healthcare in an article about the Department of Justice suing North Carolina's largest healthcare system for illegally imposing contract requirements on insurers that reduce competition. June 13, 2016
Professor Tim Greaney was quoted in an article by Business Insurance about health insurance mergers now in jeopardy after the Justice Department's lawsuit cites competitive concerns August 4, 2016
Professor Tim Greaney was quoted in an article by Fortune Magazine about the doubts that the Department of Justice may have over Aetna-Humana Merger July 11, 2016
Professor Tim Greaney was quoted in an article by Global Competition Review about Aetna and Humana's announcement to divest more Medicare Advantage assets which could effect the Department of Justice's challenge to their merger. August 8, 2016
Professor Tim Greaney was quoted in stories by Business Insider and Hartford Courant about US Justice Department's upcoming decision on the antitrust ruling of health insurance mergers July 28, 2016
Professors Roger Goldman and Brendan Roediger talked with STL Public Radio about the Justice Department's limited power to force changes to municipal courts March 16, 2015
Proving Racial Discrimination: The Ferguson DOJ Report January 11, 2016