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Postcards from Madrid: Week 6

2L Nicole Strombom discusses highlights of her final week studying in Madrid.

Postcards from Madrid: Week 5

2L Abbie Paloucek explores Seville, Spain, and Tanger, Morocco - and learns about health law, too, of course.

Postcards from Madrid: Week 4

2L Laura Marsh visits the Constitutional Court of Spain in Madrid, learning about the differences in presentation styles of Spanish and American attorneys, before enjoying a weekend in Valencia.

Postcards from Madrid: The Europe Forum for the ABA’s Section of International Law

2L Laura Marsh describes the forum in Barcelona as the perfect opportunity to network with attorneys from across the globe and learn more about career opportunities in international law.


SLU LAW in the news


Goldman, Roger L.

Professor Miriam Cherry was featured in a Fast Company article how employment law factors in to the VC-founder relationship.

Professor Marcia McCormick was interviewed for a St. Louis Public Radio piece on the Missouri bill that will void St. Louis' minimum wage increase.

Goldstein, Joel

Professor Joel Goldstein was quoted in the LA Times for a piece on how Vice President Pence's loyalty to President Trump could come at a cost to him. 

Goldstein, Joel

Professor Joel Goldstein was interviewed by Yahoo News for a p


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