Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the governmental body for all law students. Every School of Law student is a member of the SBA. The purpose of SBA, as set forth by its constitution, is to provide the students of the law school with a forum for the expression of ideas concerning the social, moral and intellectual aspects of the legal profession, and also to provide an opportunity for the students of the law school to participate in the formulation and administration of the educational policies of the law school.

The SBA serves as an umbrella organization for all of the student groups within the law school. The SBA provides funding for student organizations, coordinates activities among students, works in conjunction with the Deans’ Office in addressing student concerns, and represents the law school in the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) of Saint Louis University.

The SBA is committed to creating the best learning environment for all students, and we encourage everyone to actively participate in SBA activities. The SBA is here to help make your law school career a success. The goal is for all students to use the SBA as a resource for any questions, concerns or needs. Please feel free to contact the president or any of the officers, and they will be happy to help.



Claire Mispagel

Vice President

Executive: Dashawn Cason
Finance: Matt Nelke
Administration: Mac Callanan
Philanthropy: Michelle Meloche

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Faculty Advisor