Scholarships are the best way to pay for your education as funds do not need to be repaid. They come from a variety of sources, such as your school or community organizations. Keep exploring these options for financing your legal education as opportunities may arise at different times in your educational career.

SLU LAW Scholarships

Saint Louis University School of Law awards merit-based scholarships to a select group of highly-qualified, admitted students. Applicants who wish to be considered for our full-tuition 1843 Scholarship must apply by February 1st. There is no deadline for all other levels of scholarship and all applications will receive consideration for a scholarship award. Once awarded, SLU LAW scholarships remain in effect as long as the recipients remain enrolled and in good academic standing.SLU LAW also offers the Dean’s Honors scholarship to returning students. SLU LAW does not offer conditional scholarships as defined by ABA Standard 509(b)(3) and Interpretation 509-3. Click here to view all eligibility details for SLU LAW scholarship opportunities.

Endowed Scholarships

There are a variety of individuals who contribute to or enact endowed scholarships. These individuals often include alumni, spouses of alumni, relatives, students and friends of the University and the School. For prospective applicants, your admission application is also your application for endowed scholarships. Click here to review a list of endowed scholarships.

International Scholarships

International assistance includes scholarships, fellowships, and other sources of financial aid for international students who study at Saint Louis University School of Law. Some of the assistance also applies to U.S. students wishing to study abroad. Click here to view a list of scholarship opportunities for international students.

Private Scholarships

Organizations outside of SLU fund these scholarship opportunities. SLU LAW students receive thousands of dollars each year from private scholarships to help fund their legal education. The award amounts, terms, and eligibility vary depending upon the awarding organization. For example, some opportunities target students based on their year in law school. Use caution when completing these applications to avoid scams. If you’re paying money to receive money, then it’s probably a scam. Click here to review current private scholarship opportunities.