Spring '18 2L Ranks

Second Year Ranking Table (Spring 2018)

G.P.A.QuartileRank (%)
3.8831stTop Student
3.642 5%
3.434 10%
3.309 15%
3.266 20%
3.223 25%


G.P.A.QuartileRank (%)
3.158 33 1/3%
3.101 40%
2.984 50%


G.P.A.QuartileRank (%)
2.818 70%
2.763 75%


G.P.A.QuartileRank (%)
2.587 90%
2.143 100%



PLEASE NOTE: The total number of students ranked as second year is 191.  This number excludes transfers and students visiting Saint Louis University School of Law.  (Transfer students receive an estimated rank based upon where they would have ranked had they begun at this law school in their first year.)  This number includes students from both part-time and full-time divisions who have accumulated sufficient hours to be considered a second year student. 

Individual class ranks are available via email.  Please email either Jon Baris, Dean of Students (jon.baris@slu.edu) or Janel Esker, Registrar at janel.esker@slu.edu if you wish to have your ranking information emailed or faxed to you.

If you have questions or note any discrepancies, please contact Janel Esker at janel.esker@slu.edu or (314) 977-2769.