Panel Discussion: 'The Three-Tier System for Alcohol Distribution: Outdated or Essential?'

Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 4:00pm


In conjunction with their class on Regulating Alcoholic Beverages, Profs. Rutledge and Bodie invite the SLU LAW community for a special discussion on the traditional three-tier system for the distribution of beer, wine, and spirits.  Dating from Prohibition, the three-tier system requires that alcoholic beverages go from a producer to a distributor and then to a retailer.  Representatives from each of the three tiers will take part in our panel discussion, which will focus on whether this system is necessary or outmoded. 

If you are curious about the ways in which a Bud Lite, a craft stout, a pinot grigio, or a Manhattan make their way to consumers, we encourage you to come to the panel.


Matthew Bodie