Annual Health Law Symposia

Each spring the Center hosts its annual Health Law Symposium featuring leading experts and scholars in the field. Conference topics focus on groundbreaking issues in health law and policy. The proceedings of the symposium are published in the Journal of Health Law and Policy.

April 6, 2018Public Health Law in the Era of Alternative Facts, Isolationism, and the One Percent
April 7, 2017Coping with Health Care Market Concentration
April 1, 2016Dying Fast and Slow: Improving Quality of Dying and Preventing Untimely Deaths
March 27, 2015The ADA at 25: Disability Rights and the Healthcare Workforce
March 28, 2014

Health Care Reform, Transition and Transformation in Long Term Care

Feb. 22, 2013Regulating Dual-Use Research in Life Sciences
March 30, 2012Drugs & Money
March 4, 2011Implementing Health Reform: Fairness, Accountability and Competition
March 5, 2010Pandemic Preparedness: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges
March 20, 2009Living in the Genetic Age: New Issues, New Challenges
March 30, 2007Medicare: After the Medicare Modernization Act
March 31, 2006From Risk to Ruin: Shifting the Cost of Health Care to Consumers
March 18, 2005

Sports Medicine: Doping, Disability & Health Quality

March 26, 2004Administrative Law meets Health Law: Inextricable Pairing or Marriage of Convenience?
April 11, 2003Unequal Treatment: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care
April 12, 2002Looking Beyond A Patient Bill of Rights: The Future of Managed Care
April 20, 2001Ehealth: Structural, Legal and Ethical Implications
March 31, 2000Taking the Pulse of Medicaid
April 16, 1999Legal and Policy Issues for Academic Medical Centers
April 3, 1998Medical Necessity: Fraud, False Claims and Managed Care
Nov. 14, 1997Antitrust And Health Care: Current Antitrust Issues For The Health Care Provider
March 21, 1996Shifting Professional Relationships In Contemporary Health Care: Privileges, Labor, Employment And Contract
March 18, 1994The National Health Care Reform
March 19, 1993Legal And Ethical Controls On Biomedical Research: Seeking Consent, Avoiding Condescension
Aug. 16, 1992Law And Psychology - Beyond Mental Health And Legal Procedure