Specialize for an Edge: The Centers of Excellence

SLU LAW has three Centers of Excellence: the Center for Health Law Studies, the Center for International and Comparative Law and the Wefel Center for Employment Law. Through specialized courses, directed research projects and practical experience, students can explore and demonstrate a specialized interest in the study of health, international, employment law, and legal advocacy. While pursuing a J.D. degree, students can also earn a Concentration from one of SLU LAW's Centers for Excellence to add a specialized area of focus to their legal education.

Center for Health Law Studies
Established in 1982, the Center for Health Law Studies was one of the first law school programs to focus on the intersection of the health care system and the legal system, thus beginning the field of health law. For eight consecutive years, the Center for Health Law Studies has earned the reputation as the nation's premier health law program and is consistently listed as such by U.S. News & World Report.

William C. Wefel Center for Employment Law
With an extensive curriculum that addresses the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, the William C. Wefel Center for Employment Law provides students with the foundation necessary for the dynamic practice of employment law. The Center also offers ongoing opportunities for interaction with employment law practitioners and specialists as well as a variety of programs for students that address new legal developments and career opportunities.

Center for International and Comparative Law (CICL)
This Center's educational programs and scholarly activities prepare graduates for careers where knowledge of international law and comparative legal systems is obligatory, such as law firms or non-governmental organizations in the United States and abroad. Each semester, SLU LAW offers a variety of international and comparative law courses and seminars, some of which are taught by distinguished visiting international professors. CICL also hosts scholars and researchers from other countries and administers study abroad opportunities in France, Germany, Ireland, Southeast Asia, Switzerland and Spain. CICL's LL.M. program in American Law for Foreign Lawyers places foreign lawyers in courses of their choosing alongside domestic J.D. students.