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#SLULAWSummer - Rising 3L Claire Wiltse June 26, 2015
Fire in the hole: Patriot Coal's contentious bankruptcy June 25, 2015
Gary Rutledge joins SLU LAW after successful career at Anheuser-Busch. February 3, 2015
Professor Marcia McCormick talks to KSDK about the laws on deadly force after a store owner shot a would-be robber armed with toy gun January 13, 2015
Professor Marcia McCormick talks to Wisconsin Public Radio about President Obama's proposal to expand sick leave January 22, 2015
Professor Marcia McCormick was interviewed by Fortune about transgender workplace rights. October 1, 2014
Professor Marcia McCormick was interviewed by MissouriNet on what the US Supreme Court decision to rule on gay marriage could mean in Missouri January 23, 2015
Professor Marcia McCormick was quoted by the Cook County Record in regard to new paid sick leave ordinances requiring more from employers. September 27, 2017
Professor Marcia McCormick was quoted by the St. Louis Business Journal on worker benefits for same sex couples August 12, 2015
Professor Marcia McCormick was quoted in Fortune magazine for an article on the fight for LGBT workplace rights under the current administration. September 27, 2017
Professor Matt Bodie was interviewed for a St. Louis Public Radio piece on the move by the National Labor Relations Board to redefine joint-employment. September 8, 2015
Professor Matt Bodie was quoted by Yahoo Finance concerning a fired Google employee’s case about his removal from the company. September 27, 2017
Professor Matt Bodie was quoted in the Post Dispatch about employers monitoring their employee's work emails January 22, 2015
Professor Matt Bodie wrote a piece for Thomson Reuters' Legal Solutions Blog on social media and employee privacy. August 12, 2015
Professor Miriam Cherry was quoted in a Yahoo Finance article on the legal battle over the emergence of pet-sitting apps. September 27, 2017
Professor Miriam Cherry was quoted in an International Business Times article on the City of Seattle's plan to allow Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize. October 12, 2015
Professor Miriam Cherry was quoted in an International Business Times article reflecting on the outcome of a Lyft worker lawsuit. February 11, 2016
SLU LAW announces a new Master of Science in Human Resources Law program March 19, 2015
St. Louis fast food workers join nationwide strike December 9, 2014
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