Academic Support Resources

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (Room 1082) is the home of Academic Support and Bar Exam Preparation at SLU LAW. Students are welcome to drop in to borrow our numerous study aids, visit with our Faculty Fellows for direction on study aids or academic skills, or sit down with Professors Antonia Miceli and Marcia Goldsmith, co-directors of the Department of Academic Support and Bar Preparation, to discuss academic strategies to make the most of the student’s legal education and bar exam experience.

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Introduction to Legal Studies Course

This year long course will introduce the first year law student to the skills necessary for a successful academic experience during law school, including case reading and briefing, note taking in class, outlining, exam preparation, exam writing, time management, etc. The course is co-taught by Professors Antonia Miceli and Marcia Goldsmith, co-directors of the Department of Academic Support and Bar Preparation. In the fall the course will introduce important academic skills in lectures given by Professors Miceli and Goldsmith, and those skills are then reinforced in structured study groups run by Teaching Fellows selected from the second and third year class. In the spring students will have an opportunity to reflect on his or her first semester exam performance and target any specific areas of academic weakness, with the opportunity to remediate those targeted areas. This course will afford first year students with the opportunity to obtain a strong understanding of what skills are necessary to achieve academic success and to become proficient in using those skills in the first year and beyond.

Teaching Fellow Program

SLU LAW Teaching Fellows are outstanding upper level students who lead small groups composed of first year law students and provide a lab component as part of the Introduction to Legal Studies course. Fellows take the academic skills topics covered in the lecture portion of Introduction to Legal Studies and design “hands-on” exercises to apply within their assigned 1L small group, allowing the 1Ls to develop their academic skills in the context of a particular substantive course. The goals of the Teaching Fellows program are to reduce the stress of the first-year experience, to help all students during their first year here and beyond to do their best academically, and to channel and recognize the commitment many of our upper level students have to helping other students.