Juris Doctor and Master of Science in Health Outcomes Research & Evaluation Sciences

The School of Law and the Center for Outcomes Research jointly administer an interdisciplinary J.D./M.S. in Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation Sciences. The J.D./M.S. curriculum is available from the associate director of the Center for Health Law Studies. Students can earn the J.D./M.S. degree in three and one-half years. Students complete their first year core curriculum courses in the School of Law. Thereafter, students attend classes at the School of Law and participate in online courses through the Center for Outcomes Research. Students are not permitted to enroll in more than 16 credit hours per semester. This 16 credit hour cap is waived during the seventh and final semester of the dual-degree program or in exceptional cases, by approval of the director of the M.S. program and the associate dean of academic affairs at the School of Law.

Students must request that nine credits of coursework completed in the Center for Research Outcomes be applied to the 91 credits required to complete a J.D., by completing the Request for Dual Degree Non-Law Credits form, available on the School of Law website.

Students wishing to enter the J.D./M.S. program must fulfill all admission requirements for the School of Law and the Center for Outcomes Research and must apply to each program separately. Students can apply during their first year of law school or may seek admission to both programs prior to matriculating at the School of Law. For further information contact the Assistant Director of the Center for Health Law Studies, (314) 977-8176, or the SLUCOR Executive Director or Associate Director of Academic Affairs at (314) 977-9300.