J.D. / Master of Arts in Law and Sociology & Anthropology

The School of Law and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology have joined forces to offer a dual J.D./M.A. degree. This specialized program focuses on the relationship between law and society, combining the advantages of legal training and social science research expertise.

It is believed that the J.D./ M.A. graduates will be well positioned to utilize their legal, administrative and research knowledge in policy areas. These range from mental health, economic development and environmental sustainability, to issues of civil rights, immigration, international human rights and employment discrimination. In addition, a J.D./M.A. should increase the number of job opportunities in the fields of federal and state law enforcement, corrections and judicial positions.

Interested students should apply to the two programs separately. Contact Richard Colignon, Ph.D., in the College for Public Health and Social Justice for admission to the M.A. program or (314) 977-3640, and the SLU LAW Office of Admissions.