Suggested Readings

Sometimes admitted students are interested in preparing themselves prior to law school. Here is a list of some of the books that are available. While not exhaustive, it at least gives you an idea of what sorts of books can give you information about the process of law school studying.

  1. Bridging the Gap Between College and Law School: Strategies for Success by Ruta K. Stropus, Charlotte D. Taylor ISBN 089089-945 -2 Carolina Academic Press 2001. [this is probably my first choice - the book methodically explains the process so that you know what to expect in law school]
  2. Law 101, 2d edition by Jay M. Feinman ISBN 0-19-517957-9 Oxford University Press 2006
  3. Law, Law Study, and the Lawyer's Role by James Moliterno and Fredric Lederer ISBN 0-89089-453-3 Carolina Academic Press 1991
  4. Law in a Nutshell: Law School Success, 2d edition by Ann M Burkhart and Robert A Stein ISBN 9780314167798 West Publishing Company 2008
  5. Law School without Fear: Strategies for Success, 2d edition by Helene S. Shapo and Marshall Shapo, ISBN 1-58778-187-5 Foundation Press 2002
  6. Legal Analysis: The Fundamental Skill, 2d edition by David Romantz and Kathleen Elliott Vinson ISBN 978-1-59480-279 -5 Carolina Academic Press 2009
  7. Reading Like a Lawyer by Ruth Ann McKinney ISBN 1-59460-03205 Carolina Academic Press 2005
  8. Starting Off Right in Law School by Carolyn J. Nygren ISBN 0-89089-877-4 Carolina Academic Press 1997 $14.00
  9. Strategies and Tactics for the First Year Law Student by Kimm Alayne Walton and Lazar Emanuel ISBN 9780735539983 Emanual/Aspen Publishing Companies 2004
  10. Understanding Law School by Various Authors ISBN 0-8205-6193-2 Mathew Bender 2004
  11. What Every Law Student Really Needs to Know by Tracey E. George and Suzanna Sherry ISBN 13-978-0-7355-8236-1 Aspen Publishers 2009
  12. Whose Monet? An Introduction to the American Legal System, by John Humbach ISBN 0-7355-6557-0 Aspen Publishers 2007
  13. 1L of a Ride by Andrew J. McClurg ISBN 978-0-19483-1 Thomson West 2009
  14. 1000 Days to the Bar--But the Practice of Law Begins Now by Dennis J. Tonsing. ISBN 0-8377-3726-5 William S. Hein & Co., Inc. 2003

Finally, I would suggest you pick up Getting to Maybe: How to Excel on Law School Exams by Richard Michael Fischl, Jeremy Paul to help you while you are in your first semester. Once you begin law school, you will find that this book demonstrates the process of legal analysis in a clear way.