News Article
Clinic Professors Request Clemency in Ferguson January 22, 2015
Dean Michael Wolff was interviewed by KSDK TV Ch.5, KTVI TV Ch. 2 and St. Louis Public Radio about the Missouri Supreme Court ruling on red light cameras August 19, 2015
Professor Anders Walker spoke with KSDK regarding the indictment of Gov. Greitens and the prosecution’s case against him. April 12, 2018
Professor Anders Walker was on KSDK talking about the no-fly zone over Ferguson to keep away the media January 22, 2015
Professor John Ammann and the Legal Clinics were highlighted in the media coverage of a lawsuit alleging the over-prescription of psychotropic drugs to foster care children in Missouri. July 7, 2017
Professor John Ammann spoke to KSDK and The Wall Street Journal about the changes in Ferguson's Municipal Court with Judge Roy Richter taking over. March 20, 2015
Professor John Ammann spoke with KSDK about Missouri prisoners receiving free tablet computers. April 12, 2018
Professor John Ammann was interviewed by KSDK about the seven cities in St. Louis County sued over municipal court fees January 8, 2015
Professor John Ammann was quoted in KDSK on the judge’s role in the Stockley trial verdict. November 2, 2017
Professor Justin Hansford talks to KSDK about the no hate crime charge in the MetroLink attack April 6, 2015
Professor Marcia McCormick talked with KSDK about the Department of Justice ruling that Ferguson police engaged in racially biased enforcement March 4, 2015
Professor Marcia McCormick talks to both KSDK and KTVI about Michael Brown's family filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Ferguson April 24, 2015
Professor Marcia McCormick talks to KSDK about the laws on deadly force after a store owner shot a would-be robber armed with toy gun January 13, 2015
Professor McCormick Explains Legal Process in Police-Related Deaths February 17, 2015
Professor Sue McGraugh was quoted in an article by KSDK concerning Missouri’s broad Stand Your Ground law. March 13, 2018
Professor Susan McGraugh spoke with KSDK on prosecution's evidence in the invasion of privacy case against Governor Greitens. April 19, 2018
SLU LAW Legal Clinics was mentioned in an article from KSDK after SLU LAW hosted an immigration discussion after the recent executive orders. April 27, 2017