Health Law Association

The Saint Louis University Health Law Association (HLA) has been in existence since 1979 and is one of the largest student groups at the School of Law. Our membership roster is impressive, but the dedication our members show by supporting philanthropic causes and getting involved in the school and the community helps fulfill our organization’s goals.
Our monthly meetings are designed to give members a chance to participate in discussions with esteemed professionals in the health law community and gain new insight into potential career fields. We recognize that while many health law students plan to pursue more conventional careers, others are interested in alternative options. Our goal is to provide members with alternative and conventional job examples through speakers and panels. We also encourage members to become more knowledgeable about health care and the law, so we periodically invite professors to discuss and debate the latest hot topics in health law. Occasionally, HLA hosts events with other campus organizations to increase student access and awareness. These meetings are a great way to meet others who share similar career interests and network. Also, HLA hosts social events outside of the law school so health law students can meet and network with other allied-health and medical students.
Because public welfare and service in the community are so important, each year HLA supports a health-oriented philanthropy by raising funds, supplies, and awareness. For the second year in a row, HLA is proud to partner with the local organization Places for People, which helps provide therapy, food, housing, and more for St. Louis’ mentally ill and homeless. HLA and its members also contribute to other charitable organizations when opportunities arise.
We encourage you to come to our meetings to meet fellow students and professionals in health law. Between the social and philanthropic events, HLA provides many opportunities to learn about and experience health law as a career. Feel free to email any of the officers or with questions.


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