First Chair Society

The FCS is dedicated to providing a forum for first-generation law students by creating a system of support via networking, mentoring, and scholarship opportunities.  Our mission is to serve the interests of the students, faculty, and administration, as well as to promote the creation of a broad foundation of support for first-generation law students. Our pledge is to serve as a bridge between first-generation law students and the State of Missouri legal community, and to promote the long-term success of members in their careers.

The activities of FCS shall include, but not be limited to: hosting speakers and conferences on issues relevant to first-generation law students; providing opportunities for mentoring for new members who are first-generation law students; promote networking opportunities for members with alumni and other professionals; networking with students at other law schools, colleges, universities, and high schools; seeking out opportunities for scholarship funding for future first-generation law students; and conducting educational events such as information tables and video screenings on pertinent issues.  



Laura Marsh

Vice President

Lauren Herbig


Ciara Lanterman


Shannon King

Faculty Advisor