Endowed Scholarships

There are a variety of individuals who contribute to or enact endowed scholarships. These individuals often include alumni, spouses of alumni, relatives, students and friends of the University and the School. SLU LAW's Office of Financial Aid administers the scholarships based on the requirements of the endowment.

For prospective applicants, your admissions application is also your application for endowed scholarships.

These scholarships help make the education of many law students at Saint Louis University School of Law a reality.  We truly appreciate the generosity of our donors.

M. R. Green Scholarship

Mary Calnane Endowed Scholarship

Clare & William Reel Memorial Scholarship

Emil A. Strauss Endowed Scholarship

Thomas J. Boland Scholarship

Mark D. Eagleton & Milton I. Goldstein Law Scholarship Fund

John A. Marzall Scholarship

Francis H. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship

Harry L. Bell Endowed Scholarship

Mary Lou Clifford Endowed Scholarship

Law Scholarship Endowment

Law School Endowment for Part-Time Students

Eileen Camillo Cochran Scholarship

William Healy Scholarship Fund

William E. Buckley Endowed Scholarship

Vincent C. Immel Endowed Scholarship II

M., E. & Elmer Scott Endowed Scholarship

Pre-Law Phi Alpha Delta Scholarship

Daniel F. Jr. & Joan B. Sheehan Scholarship

William L. Weiss Endowed Scholarship

Carol A. McKaskel Scholarship

T. Ellis & Alice Barnes Endowed Scholarship

Rosemary Bray Endowed Scholarship

Irene Dulin Endowed Scholarship

Madison County Bar Scholarship

DeGraffenried Scholarship

Kate Gunn Scholarship Fund

J. Norman & Elizabeth McDonough Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Q. Keefe Scholarship

Knaup Family Law School Scholarship

Law Faculty Scholarship

G. Michael Bauer Memorial Scholarship

Theodore McMillian Endowed Scholarship

William E. & Mary Ann May Scholarship

Richard D. Hatton Memorial Scholarship

Bryan, Cave, McPheeters & McRoberts Scholarship

Memorial Law School Scholarship Fund

Fred & Helen Whalen Scholarship

Daphne A. Carter Memorial Scholarship

Vincent C. Immel Endowed Scholarship

Law School Campaign Scholarship

Gaylord Foundation Scholarship

George A. & Martha Jensen Scholarship

Russell A. & Betty A. Grantham Scholarship

Donald Gunn, Jr. Scholarship

Malcolm W. Martin Endowed Scholarship

William G. Marbury Endowed Scholarship

David B. Lichenstein Endowed Scholarship

Rev. James Danis Endowed Scholarship

Irish Student Exchange Scholarship Fund

Mary Calnane Evening End Scholarship

William E. Jaudes Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Law Class of 1968

John F. Gleason Endowed Scholarship

Judge Noah Weinstein Foundation Scholars

Alvin D. Hatten Memorial Scholarship

Donald Hilleary Scholarship

Wayne L. Millsap Endowed Scholarship Fund

John J. Lawless Law School Scholarship

Leonard A. Cervantes Scholarship

Polsinelli, Shalton, Welte & Suelthaus Diversity Scholarship