Money Saving Tips

Here are tips that will help you save money and still have fun!

Buy In Bulk
If you have a few college friends that require supplies, consider buying in bulk at wholesale stores. It may not be possible to get everything you need but essentials like paper, pens and highlighters can be loaded up and split among everyone, thus, saving you money.

Use Your Student ID
Your status as a student has its pitfalls, but not everything is as bad as instant noodles.  Students are able to receive discounts on items at computer stores, educational websites, movie theatres, and even car dealerships. It doesn't hurt to ask if an organization offers discounts for students.

Borrow textbooks from friends who had the class already. Split the cost of textbooks with roommates.  Consider buying used or borrowing from the library. If the book is a staple to your personal library, consider purchasing a copy. If you read for pleasure, Saint Louis University’s libraries and the partnerships held through other institutions have an abundant collection of books. St. Louis County Library, St. Louis Public Library, and Jefferson County Library have free membership cards. The libraries also offer a vast collection of magazines, movies and music.

Utilities Redefined
What utilities do you actually need?  If you have a cell phone and a home phone, consider omitting one.  Consider getting rid of your Internet service. Saint Louis University has free wireless Internet and various computer labs on campus. Consider canceling your cable service.

Dine In
How often do you eat out? Eating at restaurants and vending machines adds up. Evaluate your needs regarding dining options. Often times, you could pack a healthier lunch for cheaper than the prepackaged sandwich. from a deli shop Of course, there are times to treat yourself and times to be social, but eating out every day really can damage a budget. Consider buying a coffee pot and making coffee at home. Starbucks beans can be purchased at any grocer and iced coffee can be purchased in bulk at most wholesale stores.