Law Students for Life

SLU Law Students for Life is a non-partisan, non-religious organization which strives to provide a community in which students can develop pro-life approaches to moral and legal questions. We advocate for many pro-life perspectives in the broader law school community including anti-death penalty advocacy and euthanasia prevention, in addition to traditional pro-life advocacy.

SLU Law Students for Life believes that every human being possesses an inherent and inalienable right to life; that life begins at the moment of conception; and that justice demands protecting the dignity of the human person at every stage of development. We are dedicated to peacefully promoting these beliefs through education, discussion, community engagement, advocacy, and scholarship, as well as fostering a community of individuals who adhere to this Mission Statement.


Marie Gillen

Vice President

Kristin Smith


Riley Fewell


Marquel Stuedemann

Faculty Advisor