Hispanic and Latinx Law Students Association

The principal objective of the Hispanic Law Student Association is to create and foster an environment in which people of Hispanic origin can discover and develop a deeper understanding of their cultural heritage while interacting with people of other heritages in the law school community. We extend a special invitation to incoming students to get involved in our activities.

Jaime Ramirez Student of the Year Award: Jaime Ramirez was President of HLSA for 2001-2002. He passed away suddenly in October, 2001. Because he was a person of great kindness and a lover of life, Jaime made a significant impact on many of our lives. To honor his memory, members of the law school community have established the Student of the Year Award. Jaime lives on in our hearts Jaime Ramirez (In Memoriam)

HLSA plans several events each year, inviting speakers from various sectors to share their experiences with law students.



Rudy Angulo

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Teresa Flores


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Anthony Jimenez

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