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Environmental Law
Environmental legal issues involve an interesting combination of science and legal theory and are often tied up with other legal practice areas such as land use and toxic torts. Job opportunities in the field of environmental law can be found in private practice, as in-house counsel, in government, at nonprofit organizations and at scientific institutions.

The Environmental Law Society (ELS) is dedicated to addressing regional, national and international issues related to environmental law. ELS periodically sponsors speakers on a wide range of topics pertaining to environmental law, natural resources law, environmental science and the environmental movement. Past speakers have included a career panel of environmental lawyers in various sectors, an expert on the engineering of levee systems, and a panel discussing lead poisoning from Doe Run Company lead smelter plants. ELS also sponsors outings, such as tours of green buildings EarthWays Home and LEED platinum certified Alberici Enterprises, and a tour of the Wild Canid Survival and Research Center (the Wolf Sanctuary).

The Environmental Law Society seeks to increase the awareness of current legal environmental issues within both the law school community and the greater community. It strives to promote legislation, litigation, business practices and lifestyles which ensure a healthy balance between successful business operations and the protection of the planet’s natural resources and ecosystems.

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund
The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund is affiliated with the Animal Legal Defense Fund and shares its mission to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. For more information, visit www.aldf.org.

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