A small number of SLU LAW students are selected each spring to spend the fall semester of their third year at the University of Bern, Switzerland. The program offers many courses in English, so SLU LAW students do not need proficiency in a foreign language, although some knowledge of German or French may enhance the students' experience in Bern. SLU LAW students with adequate command of French or German may also take law courses taught in German at the University of Bern or in French at Bern's sister university, The University of Fribourg.

Students who successfully complete coursesĀ at the University of Bern receive credit toward their J.D. degrees from the School of Law. Participants typically take at least 12 credit hours during the exchange and the School of Law will accept a maximum of 14 credits. These credits will not factor into the student's cumulative grade point average, but appear as letter grades on the student's transcript.


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