Q-Q&A: Academic Resources Center Style

Join Phi Alpha Delta (P.A.D.) in hosting the Academic Resource Center (ARC) team for a panel describing what the ARC has to offer for all students. The ARC is not just a place for 1L supplements, either -- it has supplements for all the upper-division bar classes, as well. Additionally, the ARC has audial supplements you can listen to any time.

Come hear Professor Miceli and her ARC faculty fellows discuss all the spectacular things the ARC can bring for you this year and for years to come.

P.S. The second 'Q' is for Qdoba, which will be served!

'Explore the Possibilities: Public Interest Law Opportunities for Law Students'

This program is for law students who are interested in learning more about opportunities as volunteers, interns, externs, fellows or staff in the public interest law sector.

Several panels of public interest attorneys will provide information on planning and structuring your public interest job search.

Law students must register at www.pili.org/explore