Watson Named Jane and Bruce Robert Professor of Law

April 10, 2015


SLU LAW Professor Sidney Watson was named the Jane and Bruce Robert Professor of Law during an investiture ceremony Tuesday afternoon at Scott Hall.

Saint Louis University President Fred P. Pestello offered the following remarks during Tuesday's ceremony.

"Professor Watson has a strong sense of social justice as well as a powerful yet lively way of inspiring people. It is clear that her compassion for others is palpable. In fact, more than one first-year torts student has been surprised by her sincerity and accessibility. One student recalled Professor Watson gave out her cell phone number as she handed out a take-home test. The following class, when they were handing in the test, a first-year student said her jaw dropped when Professor Watson remarked she was surprised that no one had called her. In 2010 that same student became Professor Watson’s research assistant working at unpacking and understanding the Affordable Care Act. The student noted that was when she came to fully understand Professor Watson’s passion for helping others understand the law.

"It was through Professor Watson that this student had the opportunity to help others gain access to health care. The student went on to say, ‘If it wasn't for Sidney, my passion for health law wouldn’t have blossomed the way it did.’ She added, ‘A leader is defined as a person who inspires others, and Sidney exhibits this in all that she does.’ Professor Watson has taken an interest in helping her find the right job. Something she does with so many of her students.

"The former student finished her remarks by saying, ‘There are three things that everyone who knows Professor Watson agrees is true: she is a great mentor, a great professor and a passionate advocate.’"