SLU LAW Celebrates Investitures

March 20, 2015


Saint Louis University President Dr. Fred P. Pestello awarded an endowed chair and three endowed professorships to SLU LAW professors during an investiture ceremony Thursday afternoon at Scott Hall.

 “Clearly, these SLU LAW professors lead by example," Pestello said. "As a result, they have earned their students’ earnest respect. They are beacons of distinction representing SLU here in St. Louis, in our nation and throughout the world. They as SLU LAW educators ensure that the voiceless are heard and justice is challenged. Our community and students are better because they are here.”

Professor John Ammann was awarded the McDonnell Chair of Justice in American Society.

“There is not one story that adequately captures his enthusiasm and dedication to SLU. It is the stuff of legend," Pestello said of Ammann. "He so fully devotes himself to this formation of clinic students that in his 18 years as director, he is known for not missing a single day of work. His guided tours of the city of St. Louis are deeply cherished and engrained memories. This creative educator packed clinic students into his minivan to offer an illustrated history of housing and land development. Ask students what they know about John and their answer is this – he always has your back. He gives his students the floor and provides them with the tools they need to perform as well as experienced lawyers would. He will tell you that he has done his job when he can be second chair.”

Professor Matthew Bodie was named the Callis Family Professor of Law.

“Nationally, professor Bodie is well-known for his academic focus on the issues of control, information and ownership in the realms of corporations and various work settings," Pestello said. "To his students, he is a gifted educator who has the capacity to so engage them that they savor their time with him, especially his well-wrought sense of humor.”

Professor Carol Needham was named the Emanuel Myers Professor of Law.

“What draws Professor Carol Needham is her honest and direct approach to matters of ethics and law," Pestello said. "What has made her revered among her colleagues and peers nationally is her proactive and articulate approach to matters of civil litigation, ethics and the teaching of jurisprudence. Through her scholarly work, she brings a balance to the floor, addressing not only the question of values and standards, but the complicated play between practice and theory.”

Professor Anders Walker was named the Lillie Myers Professor of Law.

“Like his colleagues, Professor Walker is adored by his students," Pestello said. "He truly stirs their interest and imagination, particularly when he uses current examples. He injects his approach to education with his dry humor and his students relish his classes. Professor Walker’s perspectives regarding criminal justice and constitutional law has drawn interest particularly in the current issues of race and social justice. His scholarly work extends back to Jim Crow and offers thoughtful commentary on current issues in Ferguson today.”