Show Us Your Summer: Bri Baldwin & Eric Albritton

June 11, 2014


We invited SLU LAW students with summer internships to share their experiences with us throughout the summer as part of a blog series called "Show Us Your Summer." This week, we hear from rising 2L Bri Baldwin and rising 3L Eric Albritton.

Bri Baldwin – Rising 2L

A little bit about me: I’m a Rockhurst University grad where I played basketball and double majored in Political Science and English. I worked for Lewis Rice and Fingersh (Kansas City office) for a year and a half during college as a litigation filing clerk. I just finished my 1L year at SLU Law and I’m currently a summer intern at the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office!

From working at Lewis Rice, I know that I like litigation. However, a commitment to public service has been instilled within me through the Jesuit mission during my time at both Rockhurst and SLU.  I chose a public interest internship this summer because I need to figure out if it is something I can commit my life to.

I have been working at the St. Louis County PA’s office for a little over three weeks now and I absolutely love it. I mainly work on DWI’s.  I recommend deals to keep defendants out of jail, prepare for and attend petition for review hearings, and I recently drafted a memo contesting ambiguous language in a statute about calibrating breathalyzer machines.  The prosecutor that I work for directly (who is a SLU Law 2012 grad) wants me to gain exposure in other areas of prosecution as well.  She recently had me watch an attempted statutory sodomy trial. 

Another perk to this job is the networking opportunities.  I am in court every single day.  I probably see around 25 defense attorneys daily. Because the PA’s office has such a professional relationship with the defense attorneys, they always come right up to me and introduce themselves.  They inevitably ask, “SLU or WashU?” and when I answer, “SLU,” there is usually a cheer from the attorney before we break into which professors are still teaching there, how amazing the new building is, and them telling me to tell someone in career services hello for them.  I am beginning to see how tight-knit the St. Louis legal community really is and I am thankful that I am gaining exposure to it before my career even begins. 

I love this internship because everyone is so welcoming and helpful.  There are 9 interns (3 from SLU, 3 from WashU, 2 from Mizzou, and 1 from SIU) working in the PA’s office this summer.  We are each placed in different divisions and work under one of the assistant prosecutors.  There are many SLU grads that work in the office and they are fantastic.  They are always peppering me with questions about what school is like now and offering advice.  They also offer a lot of practical recommendations about how to land a job in a prosecutor’s office after graduation.  The best part about talking to them is that many of them were in private practice before they became a prosecutor, so they can offer guidance on both sides.  They are truly an invaluable resource.

This internship has been wonderful so far and it is something I can see myself doing. I even changed my schedule for next semester to include more bar courses so that I will have another semester to figure out if I want to pursue civil or criminal litigation.  I’m looking forward to learning so much more as this semester continues!

Eric Albritton – Rising 3L

Two years down, only one to go.  I am definitely glad it is summer, but looking forward to finishing law school next year.  This summer, I am working as a law clerk with Brown & James.  It is a Midwest regional defense firm located in downtown St. Louis handling a wide array of matters. 

I currently work in the Asbestos Practice Group.  Although there are around one hundred attorneys in the firm, my practice group consists of three.  Each falls within a different position in the firm’s hierarchy, so it is interesting to observe their individual functions and responsibilities. 

Before this, I was a law clerk with Bollwerk & Tatlow, a small plaintiff’s personal injury firm.  It was quite the change going from small personal injury and workers’ compensation cases to my current work, which often entails complaints having in excess of one hundred defendants.  

The Asbestos Practice Group handles complex litigation for both products liability and premises defendants.  Occasionally I assist on legal malpractice and personal injury matters.  Most of my time now is spent drafting motions and reviewing lengthy depositions.  We also need to communicate extensively with in-house counsel for these defendants, so I often prepare case updates regarding trial dates and other dispositive motions.  There is always something to keep me busy throughout the day which I prefer. 

Although this may not be the type of law I generally want to work with someday, this experience will undoubtedly assist me in the future.  I would like to eventually move on to commercial and business litigation, and the practice I receive from the complex litigation inherent in toxic torts is invaluable. 

The firm atmosphere is laid-back where suits and ties are few and far between; so long as you get the job done, feel free to put in some headphones, meaning my Pandora account is getting extensive use this summer.  People are always friendly and willing to offer help, whether it be other attorneys or support staff.  Plus, being located right across from Busch Stadium and Ballpark Village is a nice perk…

I am certainly looking forward to what the rest of summer and this job have in store for me.   

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