Show Us Your Summer: Andrew Bouquet

July 2, 2014



We invited SLU LAW students with summer internships to share their experiences with us throughout the summer as part of a blog series called "Show Us Your Summer." This week, we hear from rising 3L Andrew Bouquet.

I am happy to report that I recently finished my 2L year at SLU LAW. Reports from 3Ls are that it’s all downhill from here…until the bar exam at least.

Prior to SLU LAW I studied at the University of Dayton, where I received my undergraduate degree in finance and Spanish. I chose SLU LAW because I grew up in St. Louis and knew that I wanted to practice in the region after graduation. SLU LAW’s strong alumni network in the area made it the clear choice for me. 

This summer, I am working “in-house” as a corporate law clerk for SunEdison, Inc., a solar energy company headquartered in the St. Louis area. SunEdison is a publicly traded company and has in-house lawyers scattered around the globe, but the general counsel and several lawyers are located here in St. Louis. I am one of two law clerks working for SunEdison this summer.

Coming into law school, I knew that I wanted to work on the “transactional side” because I enjoy the excitement and challenges businesses experience as well as the strategic planning and negotiation involved. I took this job with SunEdison because, after working in private practice at a law firm last summer, I wanted to gain experience working in-house at a corporation. Working at SunEdison has been incredibly exciting because the solar energy industry is really starting to take off! The legal department has been very busy with new projects and deals.

After five weeks at SunEdison, I’ve done a lot of interesting work. I hit the ground running in the first week as the company was completing an IPO of one of its business units. I quickly found myself working with lawyers and investment bankers in New York to close the deal. As a publicly traded company, SunEdison is required to make certain filings (such as form 8-Ks and 10-Ks) with the SEC and I have been given the opportunity to draft several of these documents. Professor Wagner’s Securities Regulation class has been really helpful — anyone interested in corporate law should take it! I’ve also participated in due diligence that the company is conducting on possible investment or acquisition targets. This involves reviewing the target’s formation documents, material contracts and other documents, in addition to interviewing the target’s management as well as SunEdison research and development, business development and finance people. This process ensures the legal department understands the implications of the deal before drafting a binding document.  

This summer at SunEdison has taught me a lot about corporate law and has shown me what life would be like as in-house counsel for a large company. I like that lawyers here are relied on just as heavily for their business savvy as they are for their legal skills. This allows the lawyers to be creative. I’m excited to see what I’ll get to work on over the next seven weeks! 

But for now, I’m off to hit the batting cages — I’ve got to prepare for SLU LAW softball in the fall! There’s no such thing as an off-day!

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