Postcards from Madrid Week #1

May 27, 2015


By Erika Cohn

We Have Arrived!

The six SLU LAW students posing in the campus courtyard
After long flights on cramped planes, SLU LAW has arrived in Madrid!  Some of us got in a few days early so we could settle in to our apartments and get the lay of the land.  I used the extra time to figure out the best place to buy groceries, the quickest route to the campus, the most scenic place to go for a run, and, of course, the tastiest tapas bar in my neighborhood.  With everything easily accessible by foot or Metro, it didn´t take long to get acclimated.  
When Monday rolled around, we had our first official chance to get together at orientation.  We met the brilliant Spanish faculty members who are teaching alongside Professor Johnson and me this summer.  We talked about program expectations, learned where to go with questions, and took a tour of the campus.  Then, it was down to business as classes began.  We´ve got an engaging lineup of course offerings, and the students are really taking advantage of the varied options. 
Naturally, there is just as much to learn outside of the classroom as inside.  We´re all exploring different parts of the city, and practicing our Spanish every time we step into a shop or restaurant.  The students took a day trip to Segovia on Saturday and raved about it in class the following Monday.  The Roman aqueduct was the highlight, with the food coming in a close second.  I guess I´ll just have to add that to my ever-growing list of "must-dos." Professor Cohn's International IP class
Here we are now in the middle of Week 2, a little less jet-lagged and (mostly) adjusted to the "everything happens so late here" schedule.  If the first few days are any indication, we are in for a great 6 weeks!

Postcards from Madrid

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