The law journals are an elite collection of scholarly writing that showcase the intelligence, education, research and hard work of students from the School of Law, as well as professionals working in the field of law. SLU LAW offers qualifying students the opportunity to write and edit for one of three prestigious publications.

Saint Louis University Law Journal

Eminent scholars, judges, professors, practitioners and high-achieving law students author the articles for the Law Journal's four annual issues on a variety of legal topics. The Law Journal is edited and produced by students.

Saint Louis University Public Law Review

Established as a "specialty journal" to address legal issues of public interest and public policy, the purpose of the Public Law Review is to provide an open and uncensored forum for legal scholars, practicing attorneys, legislators, and public interest advocates to debate current topics that are significant in the area of public interest law. The Public Law Review is a student-edited publication that publishes two issues per year, one of which is based on a symposium held at SLU LAW.

Saint Louis University Journal of Health Law & Policy

The Center for Health Law Studies and a student editorial board publishes the Journal of Health Law & Policy bi-annually. The Journal of Health Law & Policy features articles that provide in-depth analysis of topical and developing issues in health law and policy.