Classroom Technology

Room Information

RoomSeatingDescriptionElectric at SeatFlexible Table Arrangement?
106680Lecture HallYesNo
107480Lecture HallYesNo
1122112Lecture HallYesNo
1130112Lecture HallYesNo
116680Lecture HallYesNo
117480Lecture HallYesNo
124312Jury RoomYesNo


  • Every classroom is equipped with sliding dry erase boards, and either an LCD flat screen monitor or a motorized projector screen and a projector. Classroom spaces are outfitted with a PC, a Wacom interactive annotation display, a Blu-Ray player, HDMI and VGA cables for an external laptop, and a wireless mouse and keyboard. Room 1248, 1230, all of the 80 seat and 112 seat classrooms have fixed, ceiling mounted cameras to use with Tegrity Lecture Capture, as well as several ceiling-mounted microphones. The 40 seat classrooms have pan-tilt-zoom cameras with presets programmed into the system controls.
  • The Crestron touch-screen control panels in the 80s and 112s can control the lighting in the room, and the 112 seat classrooms have two projectors and two screens, which can show two sources simultaneously. Room 1248 has a four-panel video wall which can display four sources at once, as can the Pruellage Courtroom.
  • The 80 seat classrooms have two reinforcement monitors, and the 112 seat classrooms have four. When using dual sources in the 112 seat classrooms, the sources are displayed in a zig zag pattern so everyone in the room can see both sources. The 80 and 112 classrooms also have a Sony wireless microphone available for audio reinforcement.

Helpful Tips:

  • If you'd like to use a presentation remote (clicker) and/or a jump drive, there is a USB port on either side of the annotation monitors.
  • If you'd like to borrow a presentation remote, the law library circulation desk has several they can check out to adjunct faculty and students.
  • The angle of the annotation monitors is adjustable, by holding onto the frame of the monitor with one hand and pulling in on the black metal tab on the back of the monitor with the other hand. Raise or lower the screen to your desired angle and then let go of the tab to lock it.
  • The tables at the front of the classrooms are height adjustable. Pull the crank forward and turn it to raise and lower the table. Push it back in when you're finished adjusting to keep it out of the way.
  • The Herman Miller chairs are also adjustable. There is a small white trigger-style button on the right side. Pull the trigger while seated to adjust the height of the chair.