Faculty & Staff

Saint Louis University School of Law is a vibrant place to learn the law. Our 69 exceptionally talented full time faculty are with our students every step of the way, challenging, teaching, mentoring and advising them. In addition, 45-55 adjunct faculty members share their real-world experience by teaching professional skills courses in their respective areas of expertise. With six administrators and a large number of professional staff available to assist students, the SLU LAW faculty and administration create a supportive and encouraging environment for our law school community.


Taylor, Aaron

Professor Aaron Taylor wrote a guest column for the St. Louis American about the Supreme Court's Obergefell v. Hodges decision

McCormick, Marcia L.

Professor Marcia McCormick was quoted by St. Louis Post Dispatch about the long road for equality in the workplace for same-sex couples

McCormick, Marcia L.

Professor Marcia McCormick was interviewed by St. Louis Public Radio about the supreme court recognizing it a constitutional right for same-sex couples to marry 

Ammann, John J.

Professor John Ammann was quoted by St. Louis Public Radio about the legal fight over the proposed downtown stadium project

Watson, Sidney D.

Professor Sidney Watson spoke with St. Louis Public Radio about yesterday's SCOTUS decision in King v. Burwell