William C. Wefel Center for Employment Law

Drawing on its outstanding and nationally recognized faculty in this field, the School of Law established the Center for Employment Law in 1987. The Center is one of the first and few programs to offer students the opportunity to specialize in this area and to obtain a Concentration in Employment Law.

The Center's extensive curriculum offers a broad range of courses addressing the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, including the prohibition of discrimination; establishment of collective bargaining relationships in the private and public sector; regulation of employee benefits, health and safety in the workplace; and arbitration and mediation of labor and employment disputes.

To obtain a Concentration in Employment Law, students complete 11 hours of approved coursework in the employment field and write a paper of publishable quality on an employment law topic in addition to receiving a J.D. degree. All students in the Concentration program take the basic law labor course.

The Center has demonstrated its commitment to the promotion of academic scholarship as well as to serving the needs of the practicing bar by presenting conferences which explore current significant issues in labor and employment law. Many of the nationally known speakers at these conferences have also published articles in the Saint Louis University Law Journal and in the Public Law Review.

The conferences are held at the law school, thereby offering students who attend these programs the opportunity to learn about current critical issues in labor and employment law as well as the opportunity to meet and exchange views with prominent academics and leading members of the practicing bar. Programs of this nature also serve as a means of introducing students to prospective employers.

Every year, the Center and the student-sponsored Employment Law Association offer a variety of extra-curricular programs for students that address new legal developments, career opportunities and employment law practice.

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