Thank You Notes and Interview Follow-Up

After your interview, send thank you notes promptly (preferably within 24 hours), expressing your gratitude for the opportunity to meet with the attorneys and your continuing interest in the position. Try to include something personal about each person, if possible. Make sure the note is concise, well composed and without errors. A plain handwritten note on note cards or a typed written note is acceptable. Email thank you notes are not preferred. However, depending on the firm culture, it may be appropriate. If you decide to email a thank you note, also follow up with a hand-written one. Send individual letters to all interviewers. If you have to send anything to the employer subsequent to your interview, enclose a well-written letter accompanying the materials you send. Additionally, send the requested materials to the firm as soon as possible after your interview.

It is appropriate to follow up with an employer one to two weeks after your interview to reiterate your interest in the position and ask about their timeline for hiring. The timing of this follow-up will depend on what the employer has told you about their timeline, of course. Following up more than once, or, in some cases twice, is generally not advised. You need to express interest and excitement about the position without pestering the employer.