A small number of SLU LAW students are selected each spring to spend the fall semester of their third year at The University College Cork, Ireland. Founded in 1845, Cork's Faculty of Law includes 19 full-time faculty members who have practice qualifications, active research records and strong commitments to teaching and scholarship. Areas of law faculty expertise include Irish law, European Union law, public international law, human rights law, environmental law, labor law, medical law, terrorism/organized crime law, and women and the law. The City of Cork is located in southern Ireland near the head of Cork Harbor, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. The city dates from a religious settlement founded in AD 622 by Saint Finbar. Occupied by the Danes in the 9th century and by Oliver Cromwell in 1649, Cork is now the second largest city in Ireland with a population of about 140,000 and a center for Irish culture and music.

Students who successfully complete courses receive credit toward their J.D. degrees from the School of Law. Participants typically take at least 12 credit hours during the exchange and the School of Law will accept a maximum of 14 credits. These credits will not factor into the student's cumulative grade point average but appear as letter grades on the student's transcript.

For information on accommodations while at The University College Cork, please click here.


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