Thank You Notes

Writing a thank you letter after an interview is a must. It establishes goodwill, expresses appreciation and can strengthen your candidacy for the job. Some employers think less of interviewees who fail to send a thank you note promptly.

  • Send your thank you notes as soon as possible after your interview (within 24 hours). A typed or handwritten note is preferred. If you send a prompt thank you via e-mail, be sure to follow up with a written thank you via postal mail as well.
  • If you have an extensive interview process with several people, sending a thank you note to each interviewer is recommended. In rare cases, a "group" thank you note may be appropriate (e.g. interviews were all substantially similar). In this case, send the thank you note to the person who arranged the interview and request that it be shared with the other interviewers.
  • Remember to proofread: check for spelling, grammar and typographical errors. Contact the office for proper names, spelling or titles of your interviewers if you are uncertain of any of the information. A thank you note could actually hurt you if it contains any mistakes.

The Handwritten Thank You Note

  • Plain white or cream color notes are preferred, without decorative lettering of "Thank You."

  • Write the note on the inside lower half of the folded note card. Do not write on the top half of the card above the fold. Use a comma after the greeting.

The Typed Thank You Note

  • The typed note will be longer.

  • Use the same heading/letterhead on your thank you letter that you use on your resume and cover letter.

  • The conventional format is:

    • 1st Paragraph: Thank the employer for meeting with you. Refresh his or her memory by stating when you interviewed and mention topics that were discussed.

    • 2nd Paragraph: Reaffirm your interest in the firm/organization. This is an opportunity to mention information that was discussed in the interview. You can also restate why you want the job, your qualifications for the job and contributions you could make to the employer.

    • 3rd Paragraph: Thank the employer for his/her time and his/her consideration. If the heading of the letter doesn't include it, enclose your phone number or e-mail address so that the employer can contact you with additional questions.

Sample Thank You Notes



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