Your resume must be perfect. No errors. Do not rely solely on spell check. Spell check does not always find all misspelled words. It is essential that you proofread repeatedly. Have several different people review your resume for errors.

  • Use good resume paper. White, off-white or ivory paper is recommended.
  • Resumes should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye with sufficient white space.
  • Avoid unusual fonts and formats.
  • Recommended font size is 11 or 12 as anything smaller is difficult to read.
  • Your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address should appear at the top of page
  • Typically, a resume should be one page. Someone with an extensive employment history or a professional career prior to law school may require a two pages resume. Contact the Office of Career Services if you have questions regarding the length of your resume. It is better to go with two pages than to crowd the information onto one page.
  • Do not number the first page of your resume, but identify subsequent pages, by putting "Your Name" and "Page #" at the top right hand corner of each page, so that if the pages are separated the employer knows to whom the resume belongs.
  • Use strong action words in the past tense to describe previous employment and strong action words in the present tense to describe current employment.
  • Focus your descriptions on outcomes, results and accomplishments.
  • Exclude all data on the resume such as social security number, religion, race, salary, age, weight, height, state of health, marital status, LSAT score, photographs and case citations
  • Print each resume on a laser printer.

The Office of Career Services personnel are available to review your resume and there are two computers, a laser printer and a fax machine available in the Office of Career Services for career-related use. You must supply resume paper, resume envelopes and address labels.

Sample Resumes




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