Accepting an Offer

After the employer makes an offer, you may want to ask the employer additional questions before accepting the offer. You may ask for more time to consider the offer and make your decision.

Some Additional Considerations Regarding Permanent Offers

  • Describe your compensation and benefits package.
  • How are raises and bonuses determined?
  • What is the percentage of the billing that associates retain for business that is brought in to the firm?
  • What is the partnership track? What financial investments are necessary when making partner?

Some Additional Considerations Regarding Summer/Temporary Offers

    • How much will the position pay? Are additional benefits included (e.g., parking)?
    • Will there be an opportunity to continue working during the school year?
    • How many hours a week are required? Will weekend or evening hours be required?
    • If you need to take time off during the summer, negotiate it at the time of acceptance. Most employers will be flexible if you are up-front about the needed time off.

    Formal Acceptance of the Offer

    • An offer may be accepted by telephone, but also follow up with a letter formalizing the acceptance.
    • Clarify the starting date for a full-time position or the starting and ending dates for a summer position as well as salary, benefits, etc.
    • If you accept a position, terminate all other offers immediately by informing the potential employers of your acceptance of the position. This will help maintain a positive relationship with the other employers and will allow the opportunity to be offered to another student or attorney.
    • Do not accept more than one offer. Once you have accepted a position, follow through with your decision. Accepting more than one offer is unprofessional and likely to cause problems in the future. If you are feeling pressure about making a decision, ask the employer for more time to decide.