Endowment Opportunities

Endowed giving is designed to provide prominent and permanent support, forever connecting the name of the donors or someone the donors wish to honor with Saint Louis University School of Law.

Endowed funds are invested to generate annual income in perpetuity for the purpose specified by the donors. Only a portion of the annual return generated by each endowed fund is spent, so the principal continues to grow.

Donors often fund endowments as a single gift or in the alternative, they spread the payments over several years in the form of a pledge. Endowed funds can become family traditions, with succeeding generations adding gifts to the principal established by a founding donor.

There are many ways to fund commitments to the endowment, including outright gifts and planned giving vehicles. In order to guarantee the income from an endowment will be sufficient to achieve the donor's goals, we have established minimum support levels. Following are just a few of the categories and levels:

To Support Students

Named Scholarships: $50,000

Student Support Funds: $100,000

Named Journal Offices, Student Study Spaces: $100,000 - $500,000

To Support Faculty

Named Lectureship: $100,000

Named Professorship: $500,000

Named Chair: $2.5 million

Named Center of Excellence: By consultation

To Support the Mission of SLU LAW

Named Classroom Building (Building Dreams Classroom Building Campaign): $7 million

Academic Unit Suites: $500,000 - $1 million

Named Legal Clinics Building: $1 million

Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Offices: $50,000 - $1 million

Named Center of Excellence: By consultation

For additional information on planned giving, visit 1818 Society or contact Saint Louis University School of Law's Office of Development at 314-977-3300 for details.