Summer To-Do List

1. Turn in Student Health Immunization Form to Student Health Services

All incoming students are required to have the following immunizations prior to orientation:

    • A tetanus vaccine within the last 10 years
    • Two measles vaccines or one MMR and one measles vaccine
    • A tuberculin skin test within the last year

Complete the Student Immunization Form online or mail or turn in the form to: Director, Student Health and Counseling Center, Saint Louis University, 3518 Laclede, Marchetti Towers East, First Floor, St. Louis, MO 63103 by August 1.

2. Purchase a Health Plan

All full-time SLU students MUST have health insurance, so if you are a full-time student, you will need to either waive insurance or enroll in the University Health Plan. Typically, University Health Plan information is not released until late spring.

    • Please visit the Student Health website for more information on the University Health Plan, how to sign up and billing procedures: University Health Plan Information
    • If you do not need health insurance through the University, please complete your waiver form here.
    • If you do not enroll in the University Health Plan, you will need to complete the Health Insurance Waiver Form.

If a waiver form is not submitted, the cost of the University Health Plan (UHP) will appear on all students' bills for the Fall 2016 semester. To remove the UHP charge, students must submit a completed waiver form and proof of insurance online by September 30th.

3. Turn in an official final transcript

Prior to Orientation, turn in an official final transcript from each of your degree-granting institution(s) to the Office of Admission at Saint Louis University School of Law, Scott Hall Suite 986, 100 N. Tucker Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63101.

If you submitted an official transcript that shows your degree conferred through LSAC already, you will not need to request another one.

4. Get a Student ID card

Once you are registered in mid-July, you may obtain a Student ID card from Parking and Card Services (314-977-2957) in DuBourg Hall, Room 33, located on the main SLU campus, at 221 N. Grand Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63103.

You will need your student ID to access Scott Hall. You can also wait until Orientation week to get your student ID, but please have it before classes begin on August 22. Make sure to:

    • Bring your Banner number. You will need it to get your Student ID.
    • Verify that your student ID is activated once obtained.

5. Get Downtown Parking

If you will be driving to school, make sure to secure parking downtown. You may purchase SLU's Scott Hall parking from Parking and Card Services in DuBourg Hall, Room 33.

A Google form will be sent in June for you to register. More information about parking options for Scott Hall can be found here.

6. Finalize financial arrangements

Finalize your financial arrangements and/or financial aid with Jessica Seavers in the School of Law Financial Aid Office, Student Services Suite, (314) 977-3369

If you are anticipating your financial aid to exceed the costs due to the university, then we will be issuing a refund.  If you would like to receive this refund electronically, follow these instructions for electronic deposit of your refund.

    • Go to
    • Log In
    • Click on the Tools tab
    • Select the Payment Suite
    • Click eRefunds  at the top navigation bar
    • Select Set up Account
    • Follow the remaining directions to indicate your bank account preference for refunds.

Note:  Financial aid disbursements begin 10 days before the semester starts.  Refunds will be issued 2-3 business days after Saint Louis University received funds from the lender.

8. Make sure personal information on MySLU is current

Check that your contact information (i.e., local/permanent address) is accurate and current on MySLU.

9. Order Books

You may pre-order your textbooks online from the Saint Louis University Bookstore. Before placing your order, we recommend that you print a copy of your fall course schedule for reference. The University Bookstore accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Please note that your credit card will not be charged until book orders are packaged, on or around August 1.

Follow the steps below to order online:

    • Go to: Book Orders
    • Click on Find Textbooks.
    • Select Term >> Choose FALL.
    • Select Department >> Scroll through the list to choose LAW.
    • Select Course # >> Choose the number which corresponds to the course number listed on your schedule.
    • Select Section >> Choose the name of the professor as listed on your schedule.
    • Click on Continue.

The search results screen will display all required and recommended book titles ordered for the course and will allow you the option of purchasing used copies when available. To make your selections, click Add to Cart for individual titles or Add All to Cart for all books listed in the search results.

The shopping cart will reflect new book prices only; your actual charge total may be less if used copies are available per your selection preferences. To order more books, click Go to Textbooks. If you have completed your order, click Check Out to process your order.