Orientation Dates & Preview

Stay tuned throughout the summer for more information about Orientation, as this page will be updated often. 

2018 Orientation Dates

Monday, Aug. 13 through Thursday, August 16
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We will have many events throughout the year where family and friends are welcome to attend; however, Orientation events are designed for law students only.

Summer Reading

1L Summer Reading Experience for the Community & Mission Workshop

Another Day in the Death of America

During Orientation, SLU LAW will host our annual Community and Mission Workshop where, along with faculty, staff and other students, the incoming class explores issues of diversity, inclusion and intercultural competence alongside the unique tenets of a Jesuit law school and the mission of SLU LAW. As part of our Jesuit tradition, Saint Louis University remains faithful to the value of promoting justice and the dignity of all human beings.

For each workshop, we select a book that highlights these issues and serves as a foundation for a lively discussion among the participants. We ask all incoming 1Ls to participate in this shared reading experience and have selected Another Day in the Death of America by Gary Younge for this year’s workshop.

Please read Another Day in the Death of America by Wednesday, Aug. 15, which is the date of the Community & Mission Workshop. Our office will send additional reading materials to aid in this discussion in the coming weeks.