SLU LAW Office of Admissions

If you have not yet visited the building, please call us to schedule a tour. Should you have any questions over the summer, contact us at your convenience. We look forward to seeing you in the fall!

SLU LAW Admissions Office

Michael Kolnik, Dean of Admissions: (314) 977-3990 |
Jean Pierre Bonnet-Laboy, Assistant Director of Admissions: (314) 977-3395 |
Aly Ricci, Assistant Director of Admissions: (314) 977-2765 | 
Carmen Summers, Admissions Associate: (314) 977-3313 |

Important SLU LAW Contacts

Shannon Morse, Assistant Dean for Student Activities and Leadership & Disability Services Coordinator:
(314) 977-2728 |

Jessica Seavers, Financial Aid Coordinator:
(314) 977-3369 | 

Join the Fall 2018 1L Facebook Group

Click here to join the incoming 1L Class Facebook Group. This is a wonderful resource for incoming students to connect with their fellow classmates, find roommates, discuss housing in the area, and reach out to staff and current students in the law school. This is a closed Facebook Group for the incoming 1L Class only.


Follow SLU LAW on Instagram: @SLULAW
Check us out on Twitter: @SLULAW and @SLULAWADMITS
Use hashtag #SLULAW to stay connected with the SLU LAW Community!
Also, look for our geofilter on Snapchat when you visit campus! 

Admitted Student Checklist

Upon Admission

[   ] Complete your FAFSA - contact Jessica in our financial aid office at (314) 977-3369 or for help!

[   ] If you have not been to our building, set up a visit! 

Summer 2018

[   ] Begin to think about health insurance. All incoming students will need to enroll in the University Health Plan or waive the coverage if already actively covered by another plan. Students will have access to this process in early to mid-July. More information can be found here. We will send more information about this process in mid-July. 

Please note: Part-time students do NOT need to submit a health insurance waiver!

[   ] Please click here to access required Student Health Forms. Please print these forms and complete them by August 1. Please mail completed forms to the following address:

Student Health Center
3518 Laclede Ave.
Marchetti Tower East
St. Louis, MO 63103

Fax: 314-977-7165

[   ] Figure out financing and budget. Jessica Seavers in our Financial Aid Office is always happy to help. Her contact information is here. For instructions on how to view your bill, make a payment, or enable direct deposit for financial aid refunds, click here.

[   ] Make sure your contact information is up to date in MySLU. Many of you will be moving over the summer, so please make sure to update your student record with any local/permanent address changes.

 [   ] Start to utilize your email account! Beginning in July, all communication from SLU LAW faculty and administration will be sent to your account.

Mid July

[   ] Register for SLU LAW parking by following these directions starting July 15:

o Option for Full-Time Students: Preferred 9th Street Parking. This option is $405 per semester. This parking option gives students access to the 9th Street and Olive Schnucks Culinaria Parking Garage and to the small street lot on 1215 Olive Blvd., located west of the Tucker and Olive intersection. Please note the parking rate for this garage is less for SLU LAW students than if you tried to obtain parking here on your own. 

            To register for this option, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log into MySLU
  2. Go to the Tools tab
  3. Open the Parking icon
  4. Select Register for Parking - Verify Vehicle Information
  5. Select the Fall/Spring 2019 term
  6. Click Add Vehicle
  7. Enter vehicle information (You will need: license plate number, license plate state, vehicle year, vehicle make, vehicle model, & vehicle color.)
  8. Select the Scott Law Preferred permit (Preferred permits are for the north and south campuses only)

You will need to obtain an access card from the 9th Street Garage. There is a $10 fee for activation for new parkers that is payable by check or money order only. The 9th Street Garage office hours are 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday – Friday.

Registering online registers you for both Fall and Spring. If you only want the Fall semester, you can contact parking via email:

o Option for Part-Time Evening Students: Evening Preferred Scott Hall Parking. This option allows evening students to utilize open Premium parking spaces in the Scott Hall Building from 5 p.m.-2 a.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m.-2 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. This option is $95 per semester. This parking garage is located on the second, third and fourth floors of the law school. 

To register for this option, please email Parking and Card Services at 

o Note about the Scott Hall Parking Garage: As many of you know, Scott Hall (our building) has an interior parking garage. There are no spots currently available for Full-Time students in the fall, but you are able to get on the waiting list for these spots. To get on the Scott Hall Parking Garage waiting lists, please email the SLU Office of Parking & Card Services ( from your SLU email address notifying them of your desire to be placed on the waiting lists. There are two options: Scott Hall Premium and Scott Hall Reserved (24-hour reserved spot). We recommend asking to be placed on both lists. One list may move more quickly than the other. Do note the parking in the SLU LAW Garage is a bit more expensive, with prices starting at $645 a semester. 

To add your name to the waiting lists for these options, please email Parking and Card Services at

o  Note about other parking options in Downtown St. Louis: You are not required to use the University option for parking, as there are other public parking options downtown. It is your responsibility to secure parking if you need it.

[   ] Orientation information will be sent to you and your class schedule will be released on Banner! SLU LAW will register you for your first-year classes. You will not have your schedule until mid-July. Once you have your schedule, you can begin to purchase your books. The law school’s official bookstore link is here.

August 1, 2018

[   ] Official transcript from your degree-conferring institution is due to the Admissions Office. If you have already submitted an official transcript showing your degree conferred date through LSAC when you applied, there is no need to submit it again. If you are a graduating senior, the transcript you submitted with your application likely does not show your degree conferred, and you will need to have your university submit the final transcript directly to our office.

[   ] Immunization records are due to the University Student Health and Counseling Center. You can find the Immunization requirements and the required form here.

[   ] Core Grammar for Lawyers becomes available. Completing this online writing support program is a graduation requirement that you will complete in your first year at SLU LAW.  More information will follow.

August 13, 2018

[   ] Orientation begins! During Orientation, you will have your ID photo taken, and you will receive your SLU ID. View Orientation schedule here.


August 20, 2018

[   ] First Day of Classes

Registration Information & Other Banner Instructions

All incoming students will be registered by the School of Law for their fall classes in mid-July. Once you are registered, you will be able to see your class schedule via your mySLU account.

Your professors will use a variety of ways to get your syllabi to you, including emailing it to you directly, posting it on TWEN (more on TWEN below), or passing it out the first day of class. Your syllabi may be available beforehand or your professor may wait and pass it out during the first class - it just depends on the professor’s preference. You will want to check your SLU email address regularly before Orientation to see what your professors have sent. You will receive more information on TWEN later this summer.

Your mySLU allows access to email, registration, course schedules and descriptions, personal information and other University functions.

  • Logging in to MySLU

○     Go to

○     Enter your SLU Net ID and SLU Net ID Password you created above and then click Login.

  • Access to Class Schedule (available mid-July)

○     Make sure you are logged into the MySLU portal (as directed above)

○     Click on the Tools tab

○     Select Banner Self-Service. The MySLU portal is an integrated sign-on system and thus you will not need to enter a username or password when clicking on Banner Self-Service through the MySLU portal.

○     Select Student

○     Select Registration

○     Select Term and click on Fall 2018 from the drop-down menu and hit Submit

○     Select Week at a Glance

○     Select each individual class listing to see a Student Detail Schedule for each class

○     Select Syllabus available to view all information about this class

○     Select Return to Previous Menu twice to return to Week at a Glance Class Listing

  • Updating Your Addresses (Keep in mind, even if you notify the Admissions Office of your updated address, you will still need to confirm your address is correct in Banner)

○     If you are establishing a new address in St. Louis, you will need to update your address in Banner, so the University has an accurate student record for you.

○     Click on the Personal Information tab

○     Select Update Addresses and Phones

○     Review the addresses listed. If any addresses need to be updated, select the “Current” link next to the corresponding address and following the instructions on the Update Address and Phone - Update/Insert page

○     To insert a new address, choose the address type from the list (at the bottom of the page) and select Submit.

○     Statement of accounts/bills will be mailed to the following address types in this order: Billing, Permanent and then Local. We suggest that students use effective start and end dates if they are in the process of moving from one city to another.

Ordering Books

Order your books online: You may pre-order your textbooks online from the Saint Louis University Bookstore. Before placing your order, we recommend that you print a copy of your fall course schedule for reference. The University Bookstore accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Please note that your credit card will not be charged until book orders are packaged, on or around August 1.

Follow the steps below to order online:

Go to the Bookstore homepage, and scroll over Textbooks.

Click on Find Textbooks.

Step 1 - Select Term → Chose FALL.
Step 2 - Select Department → Scroll through the list to choose LAW.
Step 3 - Select Course # → Choose the number which corresponds to the course number listed on your schedule.
Step 4 - Select Section → Choose the name of the professor as listed on your schedule.

Click on Find Materials.

The search results screen will display all required and recommended book titles ordered for the course and will allow you the option of purchasing used copies when available, as well as renting texts. To make your selections, click the selection of your choice in the pull down menu for each item or remove items that you are not purchasing, and then click  Add to Cart.

The shopping cart will reflect new book prices only; your actual charge total may be less if used or rental copies are available per your selection preferences. If you have completed your order, click Checkout to process your order.

Orientation Dates & Preview

Orientation will take place Monday, Aug. 13, through Thursday, Aug. 16. View the Orientation schedule here.

We will have many events throughout the year where family and friends are welcome to attend; however, orientation events are designed for law students only.

Summer Reading

1L Summer Reading Experience for the Community & Mission Workshop

Another Day in the Death of America

During Orientation, SLU LAW will host our annual Community and Mission Workshop where, along with faculty, staff and other students, the incoming class explores issues of diversity, inclusion and intercultural competence alongside the unique tenets of a Jesuit law school and the mission of SLU LAW. As part of our Jesuit tradition, Saint Louis University remains faithful to the value of promoting justice and the dignity of all human beings.

For each workshop, we select a book that highlights these issues and serves as a foundation for a lively discussion among the participants. We ask all incoming 1Ls to participate in this shared reading experience and have selected Another Day in the Death of America by Gary Younge for this year’s workshop.

Please read Another Day in the Death of America by Wednesday, Aug. 15, which is the date of the Community & Mission Workshop. Our office will send additional reading materials to aid in this discussion in the coming weeks.

Academic Support Resources

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (Room 1082) is the home of Academic Support and Bar Exam Preparation at SLU LAW.  Students are welcome to drop in to check-out our numerous study aids, visit with our Faculty Fellows for direction on study aids or academic skills, or sit down with Professor Antonia Miceli, Director of the Academic Support and Bar Preparation Department, to discuss academic strategies to make the most of the student’s legal education and bar exam experience.

For more information on the Academic Support and Bar Preparation Department, please visit

Introduction to Legal Studies Course

This year long course will introduce the first year law student to the skills necessary for a successful academic experience during law school, including case reading and briefing, note taking in class, outlining, exam preparation, exam writing, time management, etc.  The course is co-taught by Professor Antonia Miceli Director of the Academic Support and Bar Preparation Department.  In the fall the course will introduce important academic skills in lectures given by Professor Miceli, and those skills are then reinforced in structured study groups run by Teaching Fellows selected from the second and third year class.  In the spring the first year law student will have an opportunity to reflect on his or her first semester exam performance and target any specific areas of academic weakness, with the opportunity to remediate those targeted areas.  This course will afford the first year student with the opportunity to obtain a strong understanding of what skills are necessary to achieve academic success and to become proficient in using those skills in the first year and beyond.

Teaching Fellow Program

SLU LAW Teaching Fellows are outstanding upper level students who lead small groups composed of first year law students and provide a lab component as part of the Introduction to Legal Studies course.  Fellows take the academic skills topics covered in the lecture portion of Introduction to Legal Studies and design “hands-on” exercises to apply within their assigned 1L small group, allowing the 1Ls to develop their academic skills in the context of a particular substantive course.  The goals of the Teaching Fellows program are to reduce the stress of the first-year experience, to help all students during their first year here and beyond to do their best academically, and to channel and recognize the commitment many of our upper level students have to helping other students.


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