SLU LAW students may pursue one of the following 10 areas of concentration to supplement their law degree with a special area of emphasis. Students interested in pursuing a concentration should contact the concentration advisor for guidance and counseling.

Business Transactional Law

The Concentration in Business Transactional Law offers students the opportunity to concentrate their studies on the legal and practical issues that arise in business-oriented, transactional practice of law.

Civil Litigation Skills

The Concentration in Civil Litigation Skills allows students to demonstrate, in addition to basic knowledge of substantive legal doctrine, completion of coursework focusing on traditional litigation skills, and participation in a clinical experience while in law school.

Criminal Litigation Skills

The Concentration in Criminal Litigation Skills provides students an opportunity to develop the skills and relationships necessary in the fields of criminal defense and prosecution.

Employment Law

Entrepreneurship Law

Entrepreneurship is the process of creating value by bringing together unique resources to exploit an opportunity in the marketplace.

Health Law

Intellectual Property Law

The Concentration in Intellectual Property Law emphasizes information, analytical tools and skills lawyers require in representing clients' intellectual property needs.

International and Comparative Law


The Concentration in Taxation offers students the opportunity to concentrate in courses that will expose them to the complex concepts and statutes that underlie taxation.

Urban Development, Land Use and Environmental Law

The Concentration in Urban Development, Land Use and Environmental Law encourages interdisciplinary work.