Master of Science in Human Resources Law

The William C. Wefel Center for Employment Law at Saint Louis University School of Law is proud to introduce a new degree program in human resources law. The program offers students the opportunity to receive a Master of Science in Human Resources Law. This program provides highly-qualified individuals with the opportunity to pursue studies and research on the legal framework of human resources without the time and resource commitment of a three-year J.D. degree.

The demands of the modern business world require that human resources professionals regularly make decisions with a multitude of legal ramifications in areas such as antidiscrimination and affirmative action; minimum wage, equal pay, and overtime requirements; family and medical leave; retirement and health care program regulations; noncompete agreements and trade secret protections; employee privacy; workers’ compensation; occupational safety guidelines; unemployment compensation; and executive compensation structures. The Master in Human Resources Law (MHRL) will provide students with a solid foundation in understanding the law and specialized expertise in those legal topics of most interest to human resources professionals.

The application deadline for admission in Spring 2016 is November 1, 2015.

Curriculum and Requirements

The Master’s in Human Resources Law program is a 30-credit program for non-J.D. students looking to gain expertise in the law relating to human resources. The program is designed as either a one-year full-time course of study, or a multi-year part-time program.

Master’s students begin their studies with Introduction to Legal Analysis: MHRL Program, a one (1) credit hour course designed to provide the basics of legal reasoning and an understanding of legal institutions. Additionally, MHRL students must take the core human-resources-related subjects of Employment Discrimination, Employment Relations, and Labor Law. Legal Research Methods in Human Resources Law will provide a basic understanding of legal research as well as strategies for keeping current and exploring deeper when particular legal issues arise at the workplace. The final required course is Advanced Studies in Human Resources: MHRL Program, a two (2) credit hour seminar at the end of the program designed as a capstone course. The remaining 18 credits may be chosen from a list of approved courses.

Because credits earned through the MHRL Program cannot be transferred for credit toward a J.D. program, the MHRL is designed for human resources professionals who want to study and understand the law but are not interested in becoming practicing attorneys.

Tuition and Financial Aid

MHRL students are assessed the same tuition rate as other graduate tuition programs at Saint Louis University. Tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year is $1,050 per credit hour. Additional fees will be consistent with current law school fees, including technology, wellness, and graduation fees. Tuition and fees are both subject to change and do not include books, transportation, or living costs.

Most graduate students are eligible for federal work study and federal student loans. To begin the application for government student aid, please complete the FAFSA. Be sure to include SLU’s school code of 002506 to ensure that we receive a copy of your application. Financial aid packets are mailed beginning on March 1 of each year for new students. To receive a financial aid packet, you must file the FAFSA. For more information, please visit



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